Eddie Lopez

Associate Therapist (ASW)

In my 10 years in behavioral health, listening and being open and honest, to aide those in self-discovery has been most beneficial to clients. My person-first approach to lessen anxiety, depression, substance use and trauma in adolescents has helped me connect with at-risk youth who are struggling with truancy, lack of interest in school, and disconnected relationships.

“Often times we often share similar challenges to others, yet due to the uniqueness of our lives, we all require very different strategies in addressing them. 2022 is a year of new directions for mental health.”

Whom I Serve
  • Individuals & Families
    • Adolescents 14+
    • Adults 18+
  • At-Risk Youth 14+
    • Substance Use
    • Strained relationships
    • Truancy
    • Defiance
    • Anger
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
  • Youth in Foster Care
    • Trauma
    • Assault
    • Abuse
    • Neglect
    • Homelessness
  • Adults
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Relationships


“If you came here seeking someone with all life’s answers, I’m simply not that person. However, if you’re willing to partner up and to really examine the parts of your life that suck, are ready to change (and radically accept what you can’t), I’m ready to get to work alongside you. Along the way, feel free to share a good laugh or reference a good meme.”

Skills We Teach:

  • Resiliency
  • Assertive Communication
  • Boundaries
  • Wellness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Distress Tolerance

“We bring back the balance and restore relationships along the way.”

— Eddie, Approach to Therapy


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Dry, but Important Information

  • Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, Master of Social Work, 2021
  • California State University, San Bernardino, B.A. Psychology, 2012
  • Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW) CA #103771, September 2021
  • Wil Alexander Whole Person Care Award 2020
  • President’s List: 2018-2021
  • English