Kasey David

Founder & Therapist

Therapy for High-Performing, Modern, and Progressive Women of Color

Supervision and Consultation to Build Social Work and Mental Health Leaders

If the idea of your next life milestone drives you, excites you and challenges you to level up, you’re probably the innovator, organizer, and creative that is willing to lose sleep to do the important things. You’re bold. You try to be authentic. Unapologetic. Decisive. Committed. Fundamentally, you’re an adventurer who knows what is possible and that you want it.

You can also want less of the anxiety, stress and exhaustion that comes with “keeping it together”, upscaling, and getting shit done.

Many of us can empathize with the urge to perform, create and inspire, and also with the need to turn off the faucet of productivity and constantly meeting everybody else’s expectations. Nothing in nature works 24 hours a day, why do we expect to?

There’s a place in between, where you don’t have to sacrifice so much of yourself, so that all you are left with are sleepless nights, worry, food binges, and feeling worthless. To get to that place, you decide you decide that you have outgrown your old ways of being.

You stop telling yourself what you wish your reality was and affirm that you are worthy in and of your own right, in this very moment and you decide what comes next.


My Canvas

  • Anxiety, Perfectionism, Trichotillomania (hair-pulling), and OCD
  • Outsmarting the “work-life balance” for modern and professional women
  • Women’s issues (health, wellness, identity, and sexuality)
  • Ethnically inclusive and social justice lens for women of color
  • Clinical Supervision for Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASWs)
  • Field Instruction
  • Teaching and mentorship for social work and clinical therapy
  • Consultation for private practice-building

Kasey David, LCSW


The women who share their stories with me often describe themselves as high performing, strong, intelligent, and decisive. They have a lot of responsibility but feel like they do their best to impress everybody, never let anybody down, and commit to all of the tasks. Though they are powerhouses, they worry that their manager will think poorly of them, over spend and over eat to feel good, hide their true worries and concerns. They use social media to compare themselves to other people. They are often mothers, professional women, caregivers, educators, and helping professionals, and while they have so many hats that they wear, they’re often a combination of all of these.


I offer supervision that is modern and progressive, based in the view that in order to offer a service to our clients, we need to be able to honor our our own needs, advocate for ourselves in the same systems.

Supervision is didactic and collaborative, and replicates the conditions that you will find in the field.

Whom I Serve Best

Adults, 18+, seemingly non-traditional, unorthodox, BIPOC folks of color who wants to build their emotional wellbeing, generational health and wealth, and sculpt their professional lives around abundance and meaning. These folks don’t want to be limited by the ideology of the generation, stress, dysfunctional family patterns, chronic anxiety, or abusive workplaces.

They want to get clear about what they need to do, align their values and priorities, and take steps towards change. They want to do more in their own service, so they can give back to the world in significant and meaningful ways. My clientele are high-performing, driven and accomplished people who want to embrace their diversity and authenticity as their whole way of being.

Therapy is only as meaningful as your willingness to bring your truths to the relationship and trusting that I can hear everything you have to say. 

building Relationships in THERAPY

Life Inside of Work

“The most comfortable therapy session is one where I am drinking coffee in a big mug in my pajamas. You are welcome to get comfortable, too

Life Outside of Work

“In my downtime, I’m at the movie theater, travelling internationally, or eating fine vegetarian cuisine. I have a sweet tooth (many of them, really) and am a huge movie and music connoisseur.

Life In Between

I‘ve struggled with authenticity—doing the things consistent with who I am and loving the body I’m in— and chances are, you have too. According to the Irish origin, my full name means Brave Little Rock, but I’ve always felt anything but brave. I’ve always felt more like an “anxious pebble”. To believe I could be brave, I’ve spent my time connecting meaningfully, speaking my truth, and honoring my authenticity.

What is the work to be done?

We show up on time and are productive when we’re together. Respect each other’s truths, knowledge, boundaries, and resilience. Be willing to unlearn and relearn. Recognize when there is money to be made by convincing us that we aren’t valuable. Emphatically talk about the taboo (i.e. sex, money, and cultural messages). Give permission to be authentic and listen to your intuition. Keep journals, read, and practice in peace time our skills so we can employ them in the real world.

Leadership Experience

Through my partnership with local Universities, I have been a Field Instructor and Liaison, over the past 2.5 years. When teaching graduate social work students, interns, and post-graduate therapists, I follow the Integrated Developmental Model to meet learning needs. Prior to teaching, I was in the field for 5 years providing mental health services, conducting crisis intervention, and being a frontline healthcare worker. Through employment at the County of Riverside, Kaiser, alongside law enforcement—in person and online— I have amassed enough learning opportunities to teach confidently, ethically, and in a culturally responsive way.

Great leadership makes the difference in both the classroom and the field. From my continuing education through Cornell University, I focus on bringing women to leadership positions and accentuating diversity in the therapist workforce.

Clinical Expertise

My therapy experience and style has been crafted from successfully treating adults and children with Anxiety Disorders (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder), Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD, Trichotillomania [hair-pulling]), Depressive Disorders (Major Depressive Disorder) in individual and family therapy, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

“My change philosophy is guided by the idea that changes should be life-affirming, and allow you to represent yourself in the world in the ways you want to be seen.”


In 2019, I created my solo private practice, Kasey David, LCSW. In 2021, I expanded to a group practice, Kasey & Co. Therapy Group. I choose to give back by helping clinicians in California have a greater impact with the work they do, with less headache.

I break the rules.

And it’s a good thing.

As a therapist, I had to learn to put more of myself out there. I’ve been told my secret sauce is my use of self, so my clients know who I am as a person, not just a provider.

Gone are the days where anybody wants to sit across from somebody they know nothing about. They want to feel just as connected to their therapist that they do other people they care about. It is a relationship, right? Let’s connect.

How do I find the perfect therapist?

Kasey’s Answer:

I always say there is no such thing as the perfect therapist. There is such a thing as firing the wrong one fast. This makes people laugh, but it is true. There is no one single definition —something attractive to one person may be a turnoff to another.

But don’t trust a therapist to tell you how to spot a good therapist. Trust yourself and be confident in who you are looking for. I’m looking for an ideal client, just as much as you’re looking for an ideal therapist. My most ideal clients have told me that they felt: a sense of connection, honesty, willingness to participate, excitement, nervousness, and pride in their the steps they took to get here. They knew the therapist they were talking to understood them and had the ability and expertise to help them. They were willing to trust the process. Once, they felt committed and eager to get to work, they knew they had the right therapist.

Good Therapy Includes:

  • Mutual trust
  • Commitment
  • Goals that are important, relevant, and realistic
  • Willingness to lean into vulnerability
  • Consistency and practice
  • Honesty with yourself and with others
  • Therapist expertise and specificity

Kasey David
On #GoodTherapy

All of these components blending together to make good therapy is no easy feat. From 5+ years serving others, the best therapy comes from a relationship where everybody involved feels hopeful about what can be done, ownership in their part, and clarity about how they will get there.

The most important part is the leap that you take. There can be no certainties in life. If you spend more time refusing to engage in the process, you won’t be satisfied with the outcome, no matter who is with you. If you make an earnest attempt, and start exactly where you are right now, you are already on the way to creating generational differences.

Life is a portfolio of complicated investments. The big investments are meant to secure what you hold most important. Therapy can help us secure what’s important by building a living, sustainable system, built in abundance and not scarcity.

therapy is


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Dry, but Important Information

  • Cornell University, Certificate, Women in Leadership, November 2021
  • Cornell University, Certificate, Diversity and Inclusion, September 2021
  • California State University, San Bernardino, Master of Social Work, June 2016
  • California State University, San Bernardino, BA, Psychology, June 2014, Summa Cum Laude
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) California # 88658, April 2019
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Texas #107690, May 2022
  • Certificate of Completion, Clinical Supervision, Therapist Development Center, August 2021
  • Certificate of Attendance, Fall 2021 Field Instructor Training, Azusa Pacific University’s Department of Social Work, August 2021
  • Letter of Certification, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Intensive Workshop, Center for The Treatment and Study of Anxiety, October 2020
  • Certificate of Completion, Essentials of CBT, The Beck Institute, November 2020
  • Certificate of Completion, CBT for Anxiety, The Beck Institute, November 2020
  • Certificate of Attendance, Field Instructor Certification Training, California State University, San Bernardino, School of Social work, September 2020
  • Certificate of Completion, Love and Logic: Parenting, Love and Logic Institute, August 2020
  • Certificate of Completion, Love and Logic: Trauma Informed Care, Love and Logic Institute, August 2020
  • Certificate in Gender Affirming Mental Health Care, Kaiser Permanente, May 2020
  • Authorized to write WIC 5150 applications, conduct risk assessments, and provided crisis intervention, Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, 2016-2021
  • Court Appointed Special Advocate, CASA, July 2015

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