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Our mission is to provide authentic, curated and innovative mental health care and training for the benefit of underrepresented, non-traditional, and contemporary groups. We aim to be the architects of new practices in the culture, community and profession of mental health care.


Kasey David, LCSW

Founder & Licensed Therapist

Kasey David has 5+ years of professional experience providing mental health care, leadership and program development. For the past two years, she owned and operated a private practice—Kasey David, LCSW— prior to expanding to Kasey & Co. Therapy Group in 2021. Kasey has intensive training from The Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety to the Beck Institute along with certificates in Diversity and Inclusion and Women in Leadership from Cornell University. Kasey has been a field instructor for Master of Social Work students through major universities and is now an Adjunct Professor at Loma Linda University, School of Social Work and Social Ecology, where she teaches at the graduate level. Kasey’s clinical specialties are treating women of color with Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Trichotillomania, and Perfectionism, along with clinical supervision for pre-licensed clinical social workers.

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Joanna Jacobo, ASW

Associate Therapist and Program Developer

Se habla Espanol

Joanna Jacobo has been well acquainted with the interdisciplinary aspects of mental health, bringing 6+ years of navigating the mental health system, since she obtained her Associates Degree in Human Services in 2014. Joanna practiced as a case manager and program support while she was obtaining her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Masters of Social Work in 2021, from California State University, San Bernardino. Joanna uncompromisingly held a 4.0 GPA while interning in rigorous advanced year placements through agencies such as Kaiser Permanente Department of Psychiatry and a major Inland Empire school district. Joanna’s academic accomplishments and practice skills are further enhanced by her ability to read, write, and speak Spanish fluently. Joanna is most passionate about working individually with survivors of sexual assault and millennials with high functioning-anxiety, with an emphasis in Latinx culture.

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Christi Bell, LCSW

Licensed Therapist

Christi Bell comes with over 10 years of experience in research, teaching, supervising, community advocacy and social services. Before obtaining her Master of Social Work with Honors in 2014, Christi was an Executive Director, advocate, and grant manager for a program that supported survivors of sexual assault. After obtaining her MSW and providing services for children and families for six years, Christi became a supervisor, overseeing a team of frontline workers. Christi’s treatment practices have been informed by multiple certifications— such as CANS and Community Resilience Model (CRM). Committed to community involvement, teaching, and leadership, Christi is an Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University, School of Social Work and Social Ecology. Christi’s specialty is providing clinical supervision to pre-licensed social workers, with an expertise in trauma and children and families.

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Jessica Flores

Practice Manager

In addition to her 10+ years of office management experience and a degree in Medical Administration (2004), Jessica is proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish and coordinating healthcare services discreetly. Jessica’s range as an Office Manager is further complimented by a lively, knowledgeable, approachable, and humorous personality. In combination, Jessica is well positioned to engage diplomatically with clientele who seek a person with a manicured touch to oversee needs and be the professional face of a growing company. Jessica’s organizational leadership, dedication to service, and discipline are the essential skills and values that enable her to operate a polished clinical practice.

Bennett the Chihuahua

Snack Compliance Officer

Bennett is an unkempt long-hair chihuahua whose presence, just like his underbite, can’t be ignored. Bennett’s primary responsibilities are to ensure the office space is secure from intruders and conduct random audits for high quality snacks. After completing audits, Bennett can often be seen sleeping on the job. Despite this, he has many 5-star reviews.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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We Are Not Your Traditional Therapists

Female-lead. Disciplined. Modern. Inclusive. Specialized. Innovative. Compassionate


Every individual on the team here knows something special about mental health—whether it be how to be an advocate, an educator, a therapist to a specific population, or lived experience. There are no “jack-of-all-trades” therapists here. We don’t know how to treat every person and can’t possibly provide every service and we’re proud of that.

What we do teach and provide is therapy—from beginning to end—with specializations for the overlooked and marginalized groups to help them get the respect they deserve. Through unique professional talents and styles, our team dynamically redefines conversations about wellness and embraces new pathways of honoring mental health.

While our focus is on marginalized identities meeting modern needs, we welcome all who see parts of their identity and their stories being honored here to book with us.

Kasey David & Joanna Jacobo (Se Habla Espanol)


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