Kasey & Co. Therapy Group

The New Culture of Mental Health

At Kasey & Co. Therapy Group, we are committed to leveling-up how mental health services are provided and taught at all levels—from teaching new therapists in the classroom to providing high quality therapy in the work room. Our mission is to provide concierge-style therapy to clients and practice-enhancing services to providers. We invite you to explore our services and find the right provider to support you.

Meet the Co.

Our non-judgmental, compassionate, and down-to-earth team members bring candor, authenticity, diversity, and high-specialty training to the arena. For us, it is not just about being diverse—it’s about making diversity count.

You Can See a Therapist Anywhere, Why Here?

The landscape of mental health is changing daily—for clients, therapists, and organizations. We want to change with it and tailor our efforts towards inclusion and affirmation for all underrepresented groups and create access for hard to find services. The services provided here are designed to transform limiting and oppressive narratives about the self, the workplace, relationships, and human potential. We want to assert our individual truths, honor resistance and be accountable to ourselves as a way to heal from generational trauma, toxicity, and oppression.

We want to change the culture of mental health one space at a time.

Therapy Is….

“Therapy is a space that encourages you to show up for yourself and take life-affirming actions. Those actions can be even more intimidating if your present day script was not written for you. Therapy helps you become your own author and rewrite your script in real time.”

Kasey David, LCSW

Specialty Services

Kasey & Co. Therapy Group offers three specialties to meet the underrepresented needs of the clients, professionals, and organizations.

Kasey David, LCSW and Joanna Jacobo, ASW,


Individual therapy with one of our licensed (LCSW) or associate (ASW) therapists.

Kasey David, LCSW and Christ Bell, LCSW


Receive clinical supervision from a Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) qualified LCSW for licensure.

Kasey David, LCSW and Christ Bell, LCSW


For licensed providers who need one-on-one consultation about private practice.

Financial Information

We accept the following payor sources. Please see our Fees page for further information

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We are In Network With HealthNet/MHN. All other insurances we can bill as an Out of Network provider or provide a Superbill.

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Third Party Payors

We can send an invoice to our partners at Modern Health, Therify, and California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) to pay for client services, with no money out of your pocket.

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Self Pay

You may choose to pay via credit/debit/HSA card for your services through our safe and secure embedded payment processor.

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