Professional fees are based on the complexity of mental health care, provider training, compensation for time, and the standards for investing in a specialty practice.

We ask for the same respect that you would show any professional when purchasing a service that you value by honoring appointments, stated rates, and cancellation policies.

Services Fees

  • 20 minutes

for Therapy & Supervision

Individual Therapy

Associate Therapist
  • Per 50-minute session
Licensed Therapist
  • Per 50-minute session

Please note: we participate only as Out of Network providers for most insurances. See “Important Information” below for INN/OON information.

Clinical Supervision

  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours

Professional Consultation

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes

Money Matters

“Not gonna lie. Money matters. This may be expensive. If you don’t have the money, or don’t want to spend it, that’s okay, we may not be the people for you right now.

We want to work with individuals who are ready and willing to not only honor the fees, but the time, consistency, and work it takes to get the results they are looking for. We don’t want anyone who will look down on us, criticize our price points, or question why they invested with us. We want people to question why they haven’t been investing in themselves up until now.

We are eager to work with people who want to see the value in themselves, they same way that we do. People who value themselves can give back wholeheartedly when that giving is done without shame, guilt, resentment, and conditions—the elements that often interfere with seeing value.

We’re not really asking you to do anything new. People pay for the services they value, whether it be DoorDash, Amazon Prime, Starbucks, or an education—and not because there are coupons or catchy sales-pitches. They commit to these things because they value the service itself. That’s all that we ask—that you value us. like we value you”.

Kasey & Co.



The services here are designed to give you a strategy to follow to get results in important areas! Style of learning is catered to. Steps are provided. Myths are busted. Mistakes are evaluated and reframed. Community is emphasized. Tools to reflect and refine are demonstrated. A pace is set for consistency. Communication is clear and directive. Stages are progressive.



We have an approach and a formula here. Don’t be discouraged. You may find that there is a lot to do. but we are experts on actualizing big goals. Good goal-setting is about negotiating with ourselves the priority level, the timing, the steps, and the overall relevance to the master plan. We use an method for goals, so you have a tool to effectively set them, long after we’re gone.



Nothing in nature goes from zero to success overnight. If you’ve put in the hard, consistent, work you can see your effort reward you. If you’re not willing to work or trust the process we support you with, you are probably being guided by your FEARS rather than by your CONVICTION! If you are willing to put in the work, you see the changes.



You didn’t sell yourself short. You made it to the finish line and are PROUD of the concrete steps you took. You got off of the hamster wheel of stress and onto the spiral staircase of success! You went up and up and up and realized you could continue to grow! We are PROUD of you for doing the hard things—the important things!

Benefits of Investing in Therapy Out of Pocket

We have a team of providers with no less than 8 years of professional experience conducting social services, therapy, and supervision including Spanish- speaking providers. Each provider engages in 50+ Continuing Education units above and beyond what is required for licensure. There is between session availability, via texting or emailing, creating a true connection to your provider.

  • Discrete services without a diagnosis on your medical record
  • No bureaucracy about goals, time limits, telehealth, or pre-authorizations
  • Increased privacy, no risk of audits or 3rd party payments.
  • Participate with or without “medical necessity”— a standard of care required by insurance
  • Clear up front costs, no surprises
  • Access to the Office Manager for concierge-level care.
  • An online booking system available 24/7 to schedule conveniently

Most importantly, you get to decide what your care looks like! You want a female therapist? Pick one. You want Spanish-speaking? Yes! You want a therapist with supervisor experience? Absolutely. Someone with research experience? Got you covered. Ethnic supervisor trained in inclusivity and business? Got it. You want to work on personal growth now because you did your hard work years ago? A-OK, You want text-messages in between. Knock yourself out. When you are not beholden to the rules of insurance, client-centered services and true high quality care can be emphasized.

The reason people get disheartened finding help is because they must often accommodate rigid insurance rules that are meant to be applied to the masses, protect low-cost services, and generate profits. However, the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing and providers still aren’t available or specialized. Don’t misunderstand me: insurance that is easy to understand, efficient and preventative in nature can protect people when it is available. However, good in-network therapists are difficult to find right now, which means care is being delayed. In order to truly have a person-first model, you have to suspend the belief that the only way you can get what you need in life is through a single system.

A message about INSURANCE

Why pay for therapy, supervision or consultation out of pocket?

This is for the naysayers.

One might think they are different arguments, but they aren’t. When you pay a premium for these services, you get to customize your goals with the undivided 1:1 attention of somebody who has the potential to help you create the future you are envisioning. Taking actionable steps right now means you aren’t worrying, losing time, or money, over the long run. You are outlining, planning, removing barriers, and executing the future.

Building the future where you get time with your spouse, control over your schedule, and income based on what YOU think you deserve starts now with the decision to commit.

But the #1 mistake people make is looking at the money it takes as the barrier. The real barriers are the mindset you have around your money, expectations for results, and the level of work needed to actualize it all. What do we mean?

Example 1: You can’t afford supervision out of pocket. We’ve all had an internship or a job with a bad leader, so we know quality supervision can make or break a job. Did you say ‘yes’ to a job you didn’t want because they provided supervision, over a job that you did want because supervision wasn’t included? Did you make the decision to save on the out of pocket cost of $600 bucks a month? Ok. I mean this facetiously, but if you saved $600 a month…..

Does this mean you can afford to:

  • Stay in a passionless, or even a toxic/abusive job with bad leadership?
  • Risk your license by receiving outdated, bad, or irrelevant legal and ethical information?
  • Conduct services that are limited to the needs of the agency and not based in your clinical growth?
  • Miss out on collecting hours when they can’t find the time to provide supervision that week?
  • Delay meeting minimum requirements for individual supervision because they don’t offer it?

The answer is probably no.

Example 2: You’re worried paying for a therapist out of pocket is too expensive. The cost of what you value is relative. And as they say, “that is the price for peace.” If therapy costs $160 per week, that is $22 per day. You know what else you’re willing to pay $22 for?

  • DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats
  • that self-help quick fix book you bought
  • the beer and wine you used to cope with a bad day
  • an Amazon shopping binge
  • the Disney+, Hulu and ESPN bundle
  • Personalized water bottles
  • Christmas outfit for the pets

Here’s what isn’t measured in dollars, but also comes at a cost:

  • The sleep you lose with unmanaged anxiety
  • The overtime you’ll work because you have poor boundaries and can’t say no
  • The extra 2% raise you didn’t ask for during your annual review because you struggle to advocate for yourself
  • The vacation you didn’t take and now your resentment is high.
  • Envy towards others who are happy with their life portfolio
  • The lack of happy memories you’re accumulating

Example 3: “Consultation looks expensive and doesn’t guarantee success”. What it does guarantee is that you took the initiative to fill the gaps in your knowledge and strategies.

What is consultation, anyway? Consultation is getting access to someone’s thoughts around an area they have a degree of specialty in or have executed successfully for themselves. That means they made mistakes already.

What a money-saver! But only if you know what the cost of your mistakes really are. Hmmm?

An example of 2 costly mistakes

  1. Guessing about things that have financial consequences: The difference between one weekly 50-minute session at $90/hr. vs. that same session at $120 an hour is $1,560 per year. If you misprice that service for 5 clients you see weekly, for 6 months alone, that is $3,900!

If you came to pick the brains of people who have:

  • changed their mindset
  • busted the myths
  • put together a plan
  • and strategized ad nauseum so you don’t have to—we are here.

Consultation can be a blueprint of mistakes, successes, strategies, and professional knowledge to help you cut your losses, implement things that work, and stop doubting your systems!


“Value is not determined by those who set the price. Value is determined by those who choose to pay it.”

— Simon Sinek

We are, too. And we want to help you see the differences in your life that you dream about. We want to help you protect your peace, create meaningful relationships, honor your own needs, and plan for what is next.

Are you willing to invest in time, money, and energy, to drive the success that you want to see?

My favorite business coach once told me, “Kasey, don’t talk about it, BE about it!” We share the same sentiment with you now and invite you to take committed action toward WHO and WHERE you want to be in your life!

Not using insurance benefits can feel scary–and that’s okay. Paying out of pocket is not for everybody, all the time. There are a range of benefits from not using your coverage, but you only access those benefits when you do the hard work in therapy. We can’t ask any of our clients to do the work we are not willing to do. So, here is our commitment to you. We will charge you premium fees because it conveys respect for our training, education and substantiates the quality of life we want to have. We will ask the same thing of you: Are you willing to do the hard work (not make decisions from a place of fear OR sell yourself short) and trust in the process? Can you temporarily suspend the belief that using your insurance is the only way to access services?


Insurance FAQs

Commonly asked questions about insurance and billing

What is the difference between In-Network and Out of Network?

In Network means that we have a contract with your insurance to provide services at a set rate and collect any co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles at the amount you agreed on when you signed up for benefits.

You do not have any responsibility for submitting claims or letting your insurance know you are using your benefits. We do it all for you.

Out of Network means we have no agreement with your insurance, however, we still participate by submitting claims on your behalf or providing the bill for you to follow-up on your own.

This is where you pay the full fee upfront, and if you are eligible for reimbursement, it is based on what your plan coverage allows.

In order to be reimbursed by your insurance, you must have “Out-Of-Network” benefits on your plan. Often times, OON benefits are advertised as percentages, such as “50% after deductible” or “20% of allowable amount”.

How can I make sure you are either in or out of network before we start?

Independently: You can call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and ask an agent about outpatient mental health benefits and give the name of the specific provider. They will give you an answer based on the information they have.

Through Us: You may call Office Manager, Jessica, at (951) 755-1070 and ask her to complete a complimentary verification of benefits prior to your consultation. She will collect name, address, date of birth, phone number, member ID, and any other necessary information and call the insurance on your behalf.

The only way to get definitive proof about what is covered, and at what rate, is to submit a claim and wait for a status of accepted or rejected.

My therapist isn’t In-Network. Is it still possible to get reimbursed from my insurance for therapy?

A: It depends on many factors, such as the license status of the therapist, if you have “Out of Network” benefits, the service billed for, and if there is a diagnosis on file. It is possible, but there are no guarantees. You may be reimbursed in 1 of 2 ways.

1. Insurance Reimbursement Statement—We can provide you with an insurance-recognized document called a Superbill which has all of the information necessary for your insurance to consider reimbursement. The Superbill is taken back to your insurance and you follow their internal reimbursement process.

2. Claims — The Group can submit a claim on your behalf, as an Out of Network provider. The claim can be accepted or rejected. If a claim is accepted, any payment credited to your account is based on plan rules. You are still required to pay fees upfront.

How do I pay for each session?

During onboarding, we will ask you to complete a credit card authorization form and sign a fee agreement. All new clients are automatically enrolled in autopay, so any share of cost is automatically deducted on the day of service, from the card on file. All you have to do is show up!

Are you In Network with any insurers?

HealthNet/MHN for Kasey David, LCSW only.

I have a high-deductible plan. Can you bill my insurance for me and have fees applied to my deductible?

We can bill your insurance and if there is any money that is creditable towards your deductible, your insurer will apply it. Credit can depend on a number of factors, so we cannot guarantee it, but we will certainly tackle billing to the best of our abilities.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club) HSAs. We do not accept cash or checks.

Important Information

Payment Information1. All fees are due in full the day of service
2. Payment is automatically collected via “autopay”.
In Network InsuranceHealthNet/ MHN
1. Kasey David-commercial and Medicare plans
Out of Network InsuranceFor all other Insurances:
1. We participate only as an Out of Network provider
2. We provide Superbills if clients choose to seek reimbursement through their insurance.
Verify Benefits1. We may verify your benefits for you as a complimentary service to help you understand your coverage.
2. It is ultimately the client’s responsibility to understand coverage prior to committing to services and seek reimbursement.
No-Shows/Late CancellationAppointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will result in the full appointment fee being billed to the payment method on file. Sessions rescheduled within the same week are not subject to the fee.